Current Single Parent Family Statistics In The US

It is very important to know your single parent statistics these days, because there are so many. Single parent families are at an all time high. These statistics give you insight on what this world is up against. For example, there are nearly fourteen million single parent families today, in the United States, and twenty one million children are being raised by one parent alone. Of these single parent numbers, eighty three percent are of mothers and are either divorced or separated. Fathers that are raising their children alone, are only at sixteen percent. This leaves mothers the main ones who raise children in a single parent family.

Studies show children from fatherless homes are four times more likely to commit suicide than as of a married, multiple family home, and female teenagers are six times more likely to become a mother. You as a parent should know your children and watch for signs of these certain subjects.

Children in divorced families have a greater risk for injury, such as asthma, speech defects, and headaches, than those from a multi family home. American teenagers in these broken homes are three times more likely to need psychiatric help within a year. It has also shown that a staggering seventy five percent of children and young adults in rehab or some form of medical intervention for abuse were single parent families. If that’s not enough, about half of the young people who are incarcerated are products of a broken family.

Parents living in Poverty is also at an all time high. Over half of family poverty, is single mothers.. Which is twenty seven percent. In 2010, there were fourteen million poor people in single mother families, eleven million in married couples, and two million in single father families.

Fortunately in this day and age there are financial grants and public assistance for those in need. Today there are twenty two percent of mothers who receive Medicaid as health insurance. Another twenty three percent receive food stamps, to help get her family groceries, and another helpful assisting component is receiving public housing assistance, which consist of twelve percent of mothers in poverty in the united states.

As far as work goes, eighty percent of single mothers are employed, with fifty percent working full time and thirty percent part time. Although it shows that fathers do not constitute a big percentage, its still worth reviewing their work statistics also. Ninety percent of single fathers are employed, with that being seventy two percent at full time while only nineteen percent working part time.Taking Good care of our children and paying more attention can help improve some of these odds, while raising our children today. You of all people do not want your children to go through what so many are going through these days. Be better guides to your kids and we can work on getting these high statistics down, like it was many years ago

We’ve created this info-graphic to best illustrate current single parent statistics.

Single Parent Statistics

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